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Piazza San Lorenzo Luxury Roulette Set 24K Gold Plated


This luxury roulette set is hand crafted in Italy.  Made of solid mahogany with a 24kt gold plated wheel. The wheel is professionally balanced just like the ones in the casinos. It is complete with 215 mother of pearl type numbered chips in a removable tray.  The other tray holds the roulette cloth. Also complete with a rake for the chips which has a solid walnut handle the scoop and pole are plated with 24K gold plated. The case is made of genuine lizard & lined with a a rich hunter green pull suede, all hardware is also 24K gold plated. The case is extremely large in size, when opened there are two removable trays on the top with the poker chips and cloth and below is the massive roulette wheel.  This luxury roulette set truly exemplifies luxury at its very best, this is definitely a set to impress, even if you don't play this is a fine piece of furniture to leave on display in a study or living room. This is an unforgettable gift that will be appreciated from one generation to the next. This luxury roulette set is made in Italy for you! When not in use it can also be used as a coffee table since it is so large.

  • Size of roulette wheel: 21 3/4 (inches). Case: 27 5/8 x 24 x 11 (inches).
  • Roulette weight: 35 pounds. Case with chips: 54 pounds. This is shipped as oversize.