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Bello Collezioni - Via Porta Rossa Luxury Genuine Leather Backgammon Set from Italy


Extra large luxury genuine leather backgammon set from Italy in premium brown croco leather. The interior is a gorgeous cream leather with red and brown diamonds which are individually cut and inlaid by master Italian leather makers. The playing field and backgammon pieces are extra large.

The backgammon accessories are stunning! Mother of pearl like backgammon pieces boast 1 3/4 (inches) for that professional feel when playing the game. This set is very easy on the eyes so you can see easily every move of you and your opponent.

This is a very high end set only superior leather has been chosen in the making of this backgammon board, it is completely hand made in Italy.

  • The set is complete with two dice cups, 30 backgammon checkers, 4 dice and one doubling cube.
  • Size: L: 29 3/4 (inches) x W: 24 (inches) x H: 1 7/8 (inches). Inside dimensions of backgammon board: L: 22 3/4 (inches) x W: 22 (inches).
  • Backgammon pieces: 1 3/4 (inches) diameter x 7/16 (inches) thick. Doubling cube: 7/8 (inch) sq. Dice 5/8 (inches) sq.
  • Made in Italy for a select few.