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Bello Games Collezioni - Via Cappellini Luxury Bird's-Eye Maple & Green Érable Chess Board/Cabinet from Italy


Beautifully hand made Italian luxury bird's-eye maple & green érable wood from Italy. The squares are individually inlaid, hand buffed with a matte finish, taking several days to complete. There is a storage compartment for your chessmen and checkers. The inside is lined with a gorgeous ivory velour.

  • The board can accommodate a king with a height of 3 1/8 and a pawn of 2 1/4 (inches) with a diameter of 1 (inch).
  • Dimensions of board: 18 round (inches). Board: 12 sq. (inches). Squares: 1 1/2 (inches). Height: 2 1/4 (inches).
  • Made in Italy for a select few.