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Francesca Chessmen & Agostino Chess Board from Italy


This chessmen set exemplifies luxury! This is an exceptional set of chessmen crafted by Italian artisans in Italy. This set will become the centerpiece of any room. The pieces are solid brass plated with 24K gold/silver with maple/walnut in between. The chess board is crafted of elm, root and briarwood from Italy. Lined with a rich black onyx color around the boarder. This board is crafted with superior quality, it is a beautiful board to be left out on display with this magnificent chessmen set.  It is made in Italy for you!

  • King height: 4".
  • Base diameter: 1 1/8".
  • Heavy in weight with felted bottoms.
  • 24K gold/silver plated over solid brass.
  • Chess board squares: 2”. Thickness: 1/2"