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Bello Games New York's Luxury Contemporary Acrylic Chess Set


Revisit the 70's retro glamour with this large sleek modern acrylic chess set. This is perfect for the ultra modern home or as a conversation piece to display on your coffee table.  Why is acrylic so expensive? Acrylic has vastly spread in the market place, however within the acrylic family there are many different types which are not all equal. There is a low quality acrylic which will be thinner and lighter which will be less clear and resistant. This chess set is made of highest quality acrylic which is better to most in comparison. This set weighs 12 pounds from that alone you are receiving a quality set made of thick, heavy acrylic. The board is clear/black & smoked grey with matching clear and smoked pieces. The board and pieces are large in size for a more fun game.  Imported from the Orient.

  • Board: 17 x 17 square. King: 3 15/16 x 1 1/4 square (inches).