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Robin Hood & the Sheriff of Nottingham & Frizoni Chess Table


Hand painted chessmen crafted from solid marble resin with felted bottoms. Come now to the ancient forest of Sherwood, beneath the oaks older than history. Robin hood, Maid Marrion, Friar Tuck & the Merry Men sit laughing. Robin is hatching another bold plan to rob the rich to feed the poor. Beyond the greenwood, in his stone keep, sits Robin's arch enemy the Sheriff of Nottingham, backed by the forces of Church and State, plotting the downfall of the outlaws. Imported from the Orient. The table is made of the most superior woods from Italy, maple, walnut, briarwood & mahogany with a beautiful mosaic boarder, complete with one sliding drawer.

• King: 3 1/8".
• Base diameter: 1 ".
• Chessmen have felted bottoms.
• Table height: 27".
• Width: 16" Square.
• Chessmen from the Orient, table from Italy.