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American Civil War Chessmen & Monticello Chess Table From Italy


Hand painted chessmen crafted from solid marble resin with felted bottoms. Visit the struggle between the Union and the Confederacy as you play the game of kings with these marble resin large Civil War chess pieces. Led by Abraham Lincoln, the navy blue Union pieces face off against the gray Confederate army. These figurines will bring hours of enjoyment and strategy while providing a historical look to your game made in the Orient. Solid wood table walnut color, with two storage drawers. Inlaid genuine Italian alabaster. This chess table truly represents luxury at its very best! This will be the center of attention to any room. Made in Italy.

• King height: 4 7/8".
• Base diameter: 1 7/16".
• Naturally heavy in weight, with felted bottoms.

• Squares: 2-1/2”.
• Width: 23-1/2”.
• Height: 27-3/8”
• List price: 1425.00